Exercice: (Present) Simple Future, 'going to' or (Present) Future Continuous?

Als je op het vraagteken [?] klikt, krijg je een hint (kost wel punten).

In sommige zinnen is zowel de vorm 'going to' als de Future Continuous mogelijk. Beide worden goed gerekend.

1. My music teacher has just called me. I (play the piano) in the school musical next month.

2. Where (you make) the pictures for your geography project?

3. If you let me know what it is you exactly want, I (send) you the Dutch stamps you asked for.

4. My brother has decided to take up a common pastime. He (take up) chess

5. I'm afraid you (put on weight) if you don't take more exercice.

6. We (visit) the national museum one of these days, as you know.

7. If you want to keep a record of all the football results next year, that (cost) you a lot of time.

8. My sister (certainly take) some pictures when she goes to that concert. (Het is niet zo, dat je dat hebt afgesproken met je zus.)

9. My parents (pay) for my guitar lessons until I work harder at school.

10. Next week I (play) billiards with a classmate.