Exercice 1: Past Simple or Past Continuous?

Als je op het vraagteken [?] klikt, krijg je een hint (kost wel punten).

1. (I play) the part of Evita when I (forget) my words.

2. Because we (watch) an English film that wasn't subtitled, my mum (prefer) to see another programme.

3. Two years ago my aunt (listen) to a thoroughly enjoyable radio programme.

4. The leading actor (die) of a heart attack just when he (work) on his new film.

5. How many American channels (you get) last year?

6. While (I listen) to the interview on TV, I (also do) my homework.

7. Last month my class (go) to the theatre where we (see) Tale of Desperaux.

8. My sister (turn off) the TV, just when we (watch) the last three minutes of the football match.

9. You (write) you find science fiction films extremely exciting.

10. I (watch) an episode of my favourite series when I (realise) I had seen it before.