Exercice 2: Past Simple or Past Continuous?

Als je op het vraagteken [?] klikt, krijg je een hint (kost wel punten).

1. I (read) the book of that movie four years ago.

2. When Carin and I (take a walk) in town, we (meet) a well-known English soap star.

3. Why (do) the BBC last week decide not to broadcast that interview?

4. I (not know) that you (play a part) in a commercial last year.

5. When we (watch) that moving feature film, we nearly had to cry.

6. During the holidays we (see) a film every other day.

7. When (hear) that play on the radio?

8. She (read) a newspaper, while she (record) an episode of 'Back to the future'.

9. Why (the audiance ratings drop) between the seventh and the tenth episodes?

10. My brother and I (watch) an extremely fascinating documentary, when we (hear) a bang.