Exercice 1: Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Als je op het vraagteken [?] klikt, krijg je een hint (kost wel punten).

1. When a train (arrive) , the platform is always crowded.

2. Melvin (constantly - talk) about diving. It's quite boring, if you ask me.

3. When (you have) your party?

4. (your uncle live) with you or (he just stay) with you for a while?

5. Excuse me, I (try) to find out why my train (be) delayed.

6. (you enjoy) the trip? Yes, we (have) a lot of fun.

7. How cute! Little Bob (tell) all the passengers the coast is in sight.

8. Why (Lucy go) on holiday every other year?

9. I don't understand why she (book) a cabin for us, because we (never take) a cabin.

10. Guess what? I (meet) my Dutch pen friend in three weeks.