Exercice 2: Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Als je op het vraagteken [?] klikt, krijg je een hint (kost wel punten).

1. (you travel) to France by coach in a week?

2. At the moment (I work) at a supermarket and (I try) to earn some money for a package tour to Austria.

3. (I hate) delays and that's why (I seldom travel) by train.

4. Jack (constantly call) me to ask me what time (I come) .

5. (I not travel) for the time being.

6. What (you usually do) in the daytime during the holidays?

7. (I am) home alone now, because (my parents pick up) my sister from the airport.

8. (they change trains) now, because this train (stop not) at Hull.

9. From now on (I not buy) any return tickets any more, because I can spend the night with someone.

10. (we usually go) to England by ferry, but this year (we go) by plane.